DV RUN 2016

Name : Christopher Rolando
NIM : 2001565125
Department : Teknik Informatika Global Class

DV RUN was an running event that was organized by Binus Buddhist organization KMBD. This event was held in Pasar Seni Ancol on 4 December 2016. DV RUN also invitedĀ Ananta Vinnie as the guest star.

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4 December 2016
I woke up at 05.30 morning and prepare to go to dv run. I left my house around 6 o’clock and it’s rain heavily. I arrived at ancol at 06.45 and I’m excited because there were lots of people follow this DV run.

06.55 WIB Ancol
I and my friends did a little stretching to prevent injured that can happened. I and my friends were so excited to follow this DV run.
07.00 WIB Ancol
All of the runners start to run from the start line. I and my friend randy run until the front line and left all of our friends behind but after running around 2 km I and randy become slower and lots of people chasing us.
08.00 WIB Mall Ancol
I finished the DV run and in the finished line I got the medal and the drink. After that i waited for my friend that left behind than we did some documentation. After we did the documentation we did the absence and then i went home because i had something to do.


I was in the right side with no sunglasses

For me the DV run is a good event besides it’s good for our health we can also have fun with our friends. In this DV run i can learn that hanging out with friends was the best way to have fun and also the reason why i follow DV run it’s because lots of my friends follow this run. In that photo that just some of my friends because lots of my friends already went home.

My motivation for kids in the street was always study new things and be creative. Also in my opinion i hope the money that we donate in this run can be use for the kids in the street to make their lives better.


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